Basic Education Strategy for Pakistan

By Dr. Amjad Waheed & Asad Ali Shah


This paper has been written by Dr. Amjad Waheed, CEO NAFA and Syed Asad Ali Shah, a practicing Chartered Accountant and former Managing Partner of Deloitte Pakistan, on behalf of the “C100 Think Tank’s”, Education Committee. Based on success of various public private initiatives, including cost effective project implementation and better quality service delivery, this paper proposes that the responsibility for imparting education should be transferred from pure government departments to some form of public private partnership, while overall accountability and funding remains the responsibility of the government. While this is quite an unusual strategy that may cause pervasive disruption, the
writers believe that owing to the critical importance of this sector and great potential of success of the concepts contained in this paper, it is highly desirable that our education governance is re-engineered based on proposals contained in this paper.

Learner’s Republic has placed this report on its website, on the request of the authors, for a dialogue on the findings and proposals presented in the report.

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