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Our blog, Terrace Talk is a space to start conversations about concepts, designs, positions and processes that challenge the status quo. This is a place to express your opinions freely and engage in meaningful exchanges. Together we dare to unlearn and grow as learners. If you have an idea to trigger debate, evoke emotion, redefine the default, submit a 500-750 word blog to our editorial team.
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The City is our space for publishing reflections, policy suggestions, and audio-visual content that builds on the ongoing discussion on the urbanity in Pakistan.

An initiative designed to bridge the gap between the process of knowledge creation and its utilization, the Policy Perspectives and Essays section of the Learners’ Republic welcomes contributions on policy, economic, social, and technological perspectives. We accept articles ranging between 1500-3000 words.
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The LRP fellowship provides a platform to mentor and train students, at an undergraduate and graduate level, to become a part of the policy process in Pakistan. By maintaining an interdisciplinary and practical focus, the fellowship offers a multidimensional perspective on how the policy process is impacted by multiple actors, interests, ideologies, and contexts.

Inspired by the Republic of Letters, Learners’ Republic is a community of scholars, practitioners, readers and all those eager to learn new developments in natural, social sciences and humanities.