The disconnect between academia and practitioners is systemic. Academic researchers in their pursuit for solid theoretical foundation and robust methodology adopt challenging approaches. As such the published academic research is complex and hard to adopt by practitioners. Practitioners working on policy implementation rarely benefit from research published in academic journals and resort to simpler approaches.

Another disconnect arises from the issue of restricting to a subject specific approach versus embracing a multidisciplinary path. Academic researchers usually prefer the former while practitioners demand the latter. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between the process of knowledge creation and its utilization.

This section will publish and disseminate policy perspectives and essays on issues faced by citizens, communities, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, businesses and government agencies. We will also encourage contributions regarding multi-disciplinary solutions to global problems.

This section welcomes contributions on policy and technological perspectives in a format that is based on strong theoretical foundations or tested on the basis of robust empirical test. We will edit your contributions before publishing it.

Contributors are requested to review their submissions according to the following parameters:

  • Novelty of idea, methodology or approach
  • Basis of the writeup-theoretical research, empirical findings or reliable media
  • Understandability by the audience
  • Potential for practical implementation of the idea

This section accepts the following types of contributions ranging from 1500 to 3000 words:

Policy Paper: A paper examining or proposing a specific policy issue(s) or academic contribution having societal, scientific or policy implication

Essay: An argument or a collection of arguments on a specific matter of public or academic interest

Author Guidelines

All manuscripts need to be submitted in English using an editable format such as word document.

The manuscript must include the following:

  • Abstract, Acknowledgement, Text, Keywords, References and Endnotes.
  • All figures (include relevant captions) and all tables (including titles, descriptions, footnotes).

All text should be typed in double-space.

All submissions are to be emailed to: or submitted through the following form below: